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Michelle V. Medina

Marketing & Communications Professional

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to best serve others through intentional creativity


Through my experience as a professional Marketer, I am fortunate to have learned how to turn Marketing and Communications into my superpower. Starting in grade school, I have been told you are either a brainiac or a creative, a numbers-person or a writer, left or right-brained. Blindly, I navigated the grey space as someone who teeter-totters between an analytical brain and a creative brain.


I quickly realized that my "grey-spaced brain" is hardwired for Marketing.


After years of education and practical application, I learned how to meld the once-polarizing parts of me into a well-oiled Marketing machine. With each new initiative, I am mesmerized by the necessary balance that exists between data and artistry.


While I choose to always keep learning and growing, I am confident in my existing Marketing experience and adaptable nature to drive results and create impact! Let's connect and explore how I can best serve you and your needs. 

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My Greatest Ambition - THE BREAKDOWN

To Best

Being optimistic, resourceful, and competitive, I strive to dedicate my full effort to going above and beyond. I believe the best results stem from asking the right questions, doing thorough research, having an experimental mindset, and executing beyond expectations.

Serve Others

As a relationship-oriented person, I feel empowered by helping others. Utilizing my marketing and technical skills to create lasting impact in the world is both fueling and fulfilling. 

through Intentional

Knowing how to properly analyze and communicate data is essential to Marketing Strategy. It allows you to take your next steps clearly, confidently, and intentionally. While creativity is equally as important, inventiveness relies on understanding what works and does not work for your audience. 


Whether it is curating fresh ideas, copywriting, drawing and painting, creating graphics, or problem-solving, daring creativity exists in every corner of Marketing. The importance of creativity cannot be overstated. Creativity is your voice of vibrancy. 

James, Executive Director

"Michelle has amazing insight that goes beyond her Digital Marketing role. I am so thankful that she is a leader on our team."

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